Internet orders are sent using the Omniva packages or  Latvian Post Office services. After making an order to Your e-mail is sent the invoice, after which payment is realized in the order of 1 - 2 working days. To faster and more operatively carry out the work, the request for payment send us the payment order (internet banking for approval a copy of a

That used for printing?

Shop "T-bode" the offer is a T-shirt (women's T-shirts,men's T-shirts, children's T-shirts), hoodie printing, glassware printing, puzzles printing, as well as various souvenir gifts - souvenir number plates, souvenir bear, bags, aprons, underpants, as well as Your bring the fabric materials (for example,pillowcase)

How much is it?

T-shirt transfer price depends on the selected design, the printing size, shirt type, and colors. The exact price is determined after the layout creation and printing type setting. Mugs and puzzles stuffing is already included within the price. Buying in bulk, discounts.

How to order?

Order the goods it is possible to: 1)upon arrival, personally one of the T-Bode stores and by ordering on the spot. 2)By placing an order by electronic means - by Using the website available configurator , You can choose the T-shirt or mug and create it yourself to the desired imprinted with a picture or inscription or any of the ready designs.

Type of payment

When ordering goods face-to-face in one of the T-Bode stores, you can purchase pay in cash or with payment card. If you place an order electronically, then after placing the order You will be sent an invoice, after you confirm the order and will be paid. (In order to more quickly be executed in the order we recommend to send the payment order to the info!

Custom manufacturing

By placing an order face-to-face in one of the T-bode about the stores, it is realized in the queue (20 min – 1 h time, depending on the load. If the order is made electronically, it is realized 1-2 working day after receipt of your payment(or sending a payment order).

Goods receipt

Information on the receipt of the goods the type and location must be indicated at registration of the order. Internet orders are sent using the Omniva packages or  Latvian Post services. Delivery time 1-3 work days.

Required files

The texts and pictures that you want printed on the shirt, can be submitted electronically by sending to e-mail (respectively, that T-bode store you place an order) or also a CD drive or USB flash memory, .jpg or the .the bmp format. Creating order in our website in constructor, it is possible to upload your entire image. To pictures should be high quality, they must be sized at least 1200 x 800 pixels. This size picture normal will look in the logos area, which is approximately A4 (21cm x 29.7 cm) Small, on the internet a found or with the phone captured photo logos may look fuzzy and grainy. The image printing on the paper is different from the logos directly on to the fabric, under the foot of the invoice.

Other required information You can receive by contacting any of our stores or sending email to the